Just Change The Boundary (The Gerrymander Song)
by Chris Anderson (BMI) presents her GOLD winning song about the corruption of democracy… gerrymandering, at the 35th Mid_Atlantic Song Contest (1/20/19). With the The Harried Americans   Chris Anderson – songwriter (guitar/vocals) Ron Goad (drums), Mark Johnson (keys), Niels Jonker (bass). Also featuring producer Dave Mallen (guitar) and Bruce Liebovitz (violin.) The song is included in a documentary on gerrymandering – airing on selected public broadcast stations.

Oh, Susanna (Stephen Foster) – Jam
The Harried Americans jamming for the first time with Karim Wasfi… so much fun!

Maestro Karim Wasfi (conductor of the Iraqi National Symphony) sat in on a Stephen Foster song with us… what an honor and a joy!! Visit CNN to find out more about Karim Wasfi’s efforts to combat terrorism through music

Gonna Get Through It…

Here’s a different take on Robert Johnson’s song… Come On In My Kitchen

Song Sampler – Chris Solo

Spooky – accompanying Nicole Belanus (with The Harried Americans)

Wouldn’t It Be Nice (Social Action song)
by Chris Anderson (BMI)
with The Harried Americans
Chris with Ron Goad (percussion), Bruce Lebovitz (violin) 9/12/15


Summertime (Great American Songbook) – with The Harried Americans


(Videos by Steve Pendlebury)