Chris Anderson – Song Preview- This Isn’t Working For Me

I’d LOVE to know what you like about my Healthcare song This Isn’t Working For Me … so please tell me! Just send me an email with your thoughts.
What others are saying…

Just Change The Boundary – The Gerrymander Song is catchy, fun, and hilariously accurate. We’ve gotta laugh at something this silly or we might cry. Listen to the song, love it, and then share it to help others enjoy and learn! ”
– Brian Cannon, Executive Director, OneVirginia2021

“Chris Anderson has captured the essence of the greatest challenge facing our democratic form of government: gerrymandering! In her easy-to-listen-to style, Chris explains the conclusion that too many politicians have come to as they cling to power: “just change the boundary” to stay in power.  Her song will educate many and has the potential to bring about needed change to fair redistricting.” – Delegate Kenneth R. “Ken” Plum (Virginia General Assembly) 36th District

“This song will ring true with so many Virginians who want progress while staying true to our beautiful state. Reston is a prime example of “others watching … with bold desire.” – Connie Hartke, Rescue Reston