Chris Anderson – Wouldn’t it Be Nice

Wouldn’t It Be Nice by E. Christine Anderson (BMI)


The CEOs keeps making tens of millions,
While workers go on welfare rolls each day,
The middle class makes up the gap, in billions
As deficits pave the American Way.

But wouldn’t it be nice, If all the companies,
That rip their workers off, paid a living wage?
And ponied up their share, for roads and bridges,
And felt that paying taxes, kept America great?

I’m not the only one who’s getting pensive
What’s going wrong with Mom and apple pie??‘
Cause Mom has gone obese and hypertensive,
As apples and wheat genes are modified.

But wouldn’t it be nice, if agribusiness,
Just gave a hoot, about our health?
We only want to buy food that is labeled,
That won’t outlive us on the grocery shelf.

Lots of us are noticing and we wonder,
How average folks can ever have a choice
When cash makes candidates all buckle under
And then politicians give businesses our voice

Oh give me a home, where the lobbyists roam,
and the House and the Senate both play,
Where seldom is heard an un-paid-for word,
And the people don’t count anyway.

But wouldn’t it be nice, if we the people
Finally stood up, and said ………… “Enough!”
And if our special interest, was each other?
And we all united, to throw out the bums?
And we all united, to throw out the bums