Social Commentary – Demos

Are you a rabble-rousing moderate? Are you religious, intelligent, AND accepting of others? If you feel you have no voice, here is your answer … sponsor the creation of recordings that speak for you. Read on, then contact me for details.

If you help fund demo production , you’ll have a bird’s eye view of great demo production. PLUS I’ll give you social commentary and wild activist web links. PLUS updates on the recording and publishing process – PLUS I’ll fill you in on all my efforts to pitch the song. Hmmm, perhaps with some nice footage of door-to-door pitches to A-list artists…

Here is what else you will get:

* My Super-Duper, Special Pals, Top Secret eNewsletter – Kumbaya, Baby!
* The finished demo (before it goes to iTunes, Rhapsody, etc.) with lyrics and guitar chords
* A big ol’ thank you shout out on my album or EP.