Alison Andrews Thomas and I are friends from childhood and we grew up in Virginia. Alison is a photographer. I’m a songwriter. We both love the Commonwealth of Virginia. So… Alison took my song (Virginia – about cherishing our gorgeous land & natural resources) and made a cool video with her beautiful images! Yow!

Friend Jam 3.0 – ONLINE Show May 30, 2020

Social Action/Original
Just Change The Boundary (The Gerrymander Song)
by E. Christine Anderson (BMI)
Chris Anderson (BMI) presents her GOLD winning song about the corruption of democracy… gerrymandering, at the 35th Mid_Atlantic Song Contest (1/20/19).

With the The Harried Americans   Chris Anderson – songwriter (guitar/vocals) Ron Goad (drums), Mark Johnson (keys), Niels Jonker (bass). Also featuring producer Dave Mallen (guitar) and Bruce Liebovitz (violin.) The song is included in a documentary on gerrymandering – airing on selected public broadcast stations.

This beautiful song was written by Jean Bayou (former president of Songwriter’s Association of Washington.)  Ron Goad (drummer) took my guitar, and I played bass on this one.  With Bruce Lebovitz (violin) and Mark Johnson (keys.) Yikes!  But it is a great song!

Song Sampler Chris Solo
The Wall –
by E. Christine Anderson (BMI)
Good Girl –
by E. Christine Anderson (BMI)
Oh, Susannah –
by Stephen Foster

Original –
Gonna Get Through It
by E. Christine Anderson (BMI)

(with Ron Goad, percussion and Viqui Dill, bass)

Cover  –
Spooky – accompanying Nicole Belanus
(with The Harried Americans Band)

Social Action/Original  –
Wouldn’t It Be Nice
by E. Christine Anderson (BMI)
with The Harried Americans
Chris with Ron Goad (percussion), Bruce Lebovitz (violin,) 9/12/15

Great American Songbook
(Gershwin) – with The Harried Americans

Oh, Susanna (Stephen Foster)
The Harried Americans jamming for the first time with Karim Wasfi… unplanned… imperfect… but so much fun!

Maestro Karim Wasfi (conductor of the Iraqi National Symphony) sat in on a Stephen Foster song with us… what an honor and a joy!! Visit CNN to find out more about Karim Wasfi’s efforts to combat terrorism through music


(Videos by Steve Pendlebury)